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your discount 99¢ anniversary party invitation wordings should include the particular wedding anniversary milestone being celebrated and the guests of honor

Most Unique Anniversary Invitation Wording for All Wedding Anniversaries

When you are selecting and customizing your totally unique and discount 99¢ invitations for your wedding anniversary party, you'll want to pay particular attention to the wedding anniversary invitation wordings you used. You want to take special care to remember the suggested invitations and wordings etiquette guidelines about regarding invitation wording for anniversary parties when you are personalizing them so you avoid making certain etiquette mistakes that are going to be seen by all of your friends and family members. This is one of the many reasons why we at offer lots of suggestions and general guidelines that will definitely be helpful. And, your words are oh so important, which is why we provide lots of sample and wording and saying ideas for your use. So, regardless of your particular wedding anniversary milestone, from 1st, silver 25th, 50th golden, 60th, 90th, or more, rely on our sample words. We have also provided a sampling of the more popular party invites for all wedding anniversary milestone just after the wordings selections.

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Party Invitation Cards for All Wedding Anniversary Milestones

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Borders of Love Golden 50th Anniversary Party Invitation

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Formal Anniversary Party Wordings

When you're planning a more formal get together, you want to be careful about how you write the message. First, you should begin with the name of the host and/or hostess. You'll want to always use full names for formal wordings for anniversaries. Following the names, you should have the phrase "request the honor of your company" or something similar. Then you include the particular anniversary milestone being celebrated along with the full names of the guests of honor.

party invitations for all wedding anniversary milestonesYour next step should include the details of the event line-by-line starting with the date, followed by the time, specific location, address (not required but always a good idea), and city and state. You can then choose to add your RSVP information directly or you can use separate response cards for the guests to mail back. As a general rule, the entire message should be included in one place, your customized wedding anniversary party invitations.

Informal Wording for Wedding Anniversary

With informal invite wordings, you don't have to worry so much about getting each line perfect according. Instead, you have lots more leeway about the content you can include. For example, you might want to add in your own verses or cute sayings. One nice addition could be the vows the two of you wrote for each another way back when. Of course, you still need to include the basic details, such as the host, guests of honor, location, and other party details.

Another difference between the informal and formal party stationery is that the informal ones do not have to be printed. You can even handwrite the information directly on the invites if you choose. We're not sure why anyone would actually prefer doing this, but in the end, the choice is yours. You could even choose to have some part of the words printed on the card with the rest handwritten. Again, you get to decide.

The Question of Wedding Anniversary Party Gifts

One practice you always want to be mindful of is that your text should never include any mentioning of gifts, and, of course, no reference to being registered for gifts. Even if the couple prefers money or a charitable donation to gifts, it should never be included on this particular invite. Referencing gifts could make it seem as if you are expecting something from your friends and family, even though they are under no obligation, etiquette wise, to buy gifts for your celebration even though many may choose to do so.

We invite you to browse our gigantic collection of wedding anniversary invitation wordings samples for personalizing your anniversary party stationery invites.